How To Monetize My Web Page Or Blog With Google AdSense?

We can define Google AdSense Account as the Google advertising system which allows us to earn money by placing it on our blogs or web pages. With this advertising system we charge a percentage of what this company charges its customers for their advertising campaigns.

If you have a blog with Adsense ads and a visitor clicks, you’ll  receive 68% of the profit, which depends on many factors like niche market,  Adwords advertiser’s CPC bid, average per-click gain and much more.

Example:  Eduardo has a cooking blog with Adsense ads. A user clicks on the ad. If the gain is $ 1.21 USD, Eduardo will take .82 $ USD from that click (68%).

It does not look like much, but  when you have several (or many) clicks a day is when Adsense shows its true potential.

Account, Payments, Options and Limitations

Creating an adsense account is completely free and easy to do, but there are many restrictions because it is quite serious. Yes, you can instantly register, have your account and start advertising, but you must go through several steps of verification starting by checking that your site is able to show ads for later, using all your real data (including a physical address), Send a PIN to the door of your house that you must enter to prove that you are a real person over 18 (if you are a minor, you can check with your parents for the account to be in his name). The PIN is sent to you after you get at least $ 10 worth of earnings , no matter how long it takes to get them. Then comes the payment process, which is where you must indicate your billing information and the method by which you prefer to receive your money : checks, bank transfer or bank drafts (made only through Western Union). You will only receive payments after completing at least  $ 100  but it is best to read the full explanation in the AdSense forum.

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